Create Corrective Action without a DMR or Non-Conformance

Maybe I’n not remembering correctly, but I thought back in E9 you could create a Corrective Action without having to link it to a Non Conformance or DMR? Was that not the case at one point?

Customer is using Case Entry to record customer issues which sometimes require an internal Audit but there is no non conformance of material. I know we can create a non conformance of other and tie it to a corrective action but thought there was a way to simply create a CAR without linking it to anything

I just checked one of my last E9 Clients and I can confirm that you must at least have a Nonconformance record to create a Corrective Action. Whenever I’ve had a client that needed to create a Corrective Action without a Nonconformance I advised them to create an ‘Other’ Nonconformance with the Issue that needs a Corrective Action in the Comments (Comments tab) and then check the ‘Closed’ checkbox.

I explain why Epicor works this way to my clients this way:
If you are needing a Corrective Action, what is it that you are ‘Correcting’ if not a Nonconformance of some sort. Most quality systems require a Nonconforming event to issue a Corrective Action against. If you could only create a Corrective Action without the Nonconformance, then you would have the effect without the cause.

Thanks for the confirmation. Yeah there are some clients who state they never have a non-conformance and just the thought they need to use a Non-Conformance screen doesn’t sit well with them. I’m with you if there is something to correct there must have been something non-conforming!

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What would really be nice is for Corrective Actions to handle multiple Non-Conformances. If I have ten NCs and five can be fixed one way and five another way, I still need 10 individual CAs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I agree with @Mark_Wonsil, as well as the other way around, e.g. in my environment there are cases when we need to create more than one corrective action for specific NCR incident.
Note: Creating “multi” corrective actions code is not a good solution if you are monitoring and analysing the CA data.

Well, if you can’t get them comfortable with creating a ‘Other’ Nonconformance, you could always customize CA Entry or use BPMs to use a BPM Form when they attempt to create a CA without a NC and prompt for the Nonconformance comments and then create the NC in the background and populate the CA’s NC field with the new NC?
Just a crazy idea off the top of my head.

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Yes, I would agree, unfortunately, there isn’t a good way to do that out of the box.

To be clear you can create as many CA’s for a single NC as you would like, you just have to be careful with your reporting that it accounts for it.

it is not defined as child / parent relationship i.e. CADetails to the CAHeader, so creating it this way will cause confusing and wrong count calculation.