Create cost / price to a new purchased part


While creating newly manufactured parts with MOM of many items also new components are inserted to BOM. The new components normally do not have a cost at this point as they have been received to stock yet (ie cost for the part is calculated once received to stock). This creates a situation where if standard cost is calculated it is missing inputs for some components which have a cost of 0 and thus being very much off from real standard cost. Purchasing has a quote and pricing already at this point so the estimated std cost could be calculated, but not in Epicor itself.

Does anyone have the same concern and has a way to add cost to parts? I have thought of using this:

  1. Supplier PRice list - part cost can be added there, but it does not reflect on std cost or even on method tracker cost view
  2. Use Internal Price field on Part, but this does not also show in any calculation
  3. Add the price via cost adjustment, but that would be quite annoying, but possible.

Quite annoying, but Standard Cost is ALWAYS set manually for purchased items. Much care is needed to assign a standard cost before a part is received or else the entire cost goes to variance.

We had a dashboard that listed parts with zero costs and the current PO price. This was used to set the initial standard. We also talked about having a BOM to prevent the receipt of a zero standard cost part.

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Where exactly did you set the initial price for the part from PO?

There are Prices and Costs, two completely different things and one does not neccisarily affect the other.

Prices - Customer or Supplier? Supplier Prices are used on Purchase Orders, those are setup in Supplier Price List Entry. You can access it from Part Entry’s Actions Menu as well as the Purchasing Management menu.

Purchased Part’s Cost is set either with a Cost Adjustment or the Costing Workbench. When a new Manufacture part 's Method is created and Approved, the Cost Accountant should pull that one MFG part into a Costing Workbench Group. This will then pull in all the related part, both MFG and Purchased and the Accountant can review those costs of the purchased items and set them appropriately and then post the costing Group. I like using the Costing Workbench for new Revisions/Methods because it gives the accountant one place to review all the related costs of that Part Rev. But some have other procedures in place that include just running a Cost Adjustment to set the Costs for a purchase part as part of their part setup procedures.

Like @Mark_Wonsil I’ve setup different tools to help accountants stay on top of Costs. One very popular one is an email notification when a PO Line is created where the Part does not have a cost. Someone even wanted this when PO Suggestions were being generated, either way can work.


I was on the same track, but was hoping there is some neat tool for that or way of working, but I guess we do the same. PO with no price for part notification is a good start.

Thanks for inputs!

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