Create default Primary Salesperson in Quote using BPM

I am trying to create a post-processing BPM for Quote using GetCustomerInfo method so that when a Customer is selected the “ShipVia”, “Terms”, “Disc %”, “Territory” and “Primary Salesperson” fields get automatically populated.

The first four fields get populated as intended but the “Primary Salesperson” field default to “Sales” when what I am trying to accomplish is to get the Name of the Salesperson associated with a given customer. Here is the BPM:

These are the technical details for the “Primary Salesperson” field:

I notice that it is not a DB field. Could it be the reason why it does not populate correctly ?

I think that’s exactly why. Looking at the db table, there is no Sales Rep field at all. There is in the associated QSalesRP table, which is linked on Company and QuoteNum. Looks like it is accessible from the same method, though, so you can set it like this:

Hi Kevin,

I tried doing this already but got the exact same result.

I wonder if it’s because there isn’t a changed row on that table. Have you tried to switch it from “the changed row” to “all rows”?

I think I did but not 100% sure so let me try again

same result, “sales” populate the field instead of the salesperson name