Create/Edit a dashboard-runtime

Alright, I work mostly on the backend and app deployment so I’m not always the most up on Epicor’s UI and how to do this. I’m very much out of the loop with dashboard runtimes from BAQs. I understand a BAQ is basically creating a saved SQL statement to run over and over and be using to create said dashboard.

What I don’t get is how I get from a BAQ to a dashboard runtime.

If you use the dashboard menu item, you can create a new dashboard and there you can add a query (BAQ) to it. After you get the dashboard set up the way you like, you must deploy it (under the action menu). You will then need to use menu maintenance to add a new menu item where you can select runtime dashboard and then select the one you created.

Thank you.

I see Dashboard under Executive Analysis/Business Activity Management/General Operations/Dashboard.

Only thing is, there is no action menu in the top bar.

Am I looking at the wrong Dashboard menu item?

I’m sorry. I misspoke. Deploy dashboard is under tools, not action.

Also make sure to first click Tools > Developer. This turns on the developer mode for dashboards that allows you to see the rest of the tools, including deploy.

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First time trying to create a dashboard this little detail took a lot of energy for me… Lol