Create Sales Quote and Engineering best option


We’ll be using Epicor for two years on April, yet we need to use an interface from our current quotation system into Epicor. We tried to ditch this software, but reality is that it won’t dissapear and it will be upgraded to accomodate to the changes in the company even.

So, even though we managed to create customizations to make the process more intuitive and simple and fast, the fact is that we must now create a full interface between this software and Epicor.

Specifically we are going to create a quote(along other data like customer and some UDs) and the corresponding engineering for each line. All our products are configured.

What would you recommend? Should I go with oData? Or should I stick to WCF?

The quotation software is windows based and we are using Epicor in the same plataform, everything inside an organization so there are no requirements for web based or internet publish.

The idea is that Sales representative will create the quote on this software and click a button to create the corresponding document on Epicor, once it is approved by the customer. So everything will be executed at the windows application.

Thank you

If by OData you mean REST, I would recommend that over WCF. WCF is not moving to .Net 5. It might be awhile before the Rich Client moves to .Net 5 - if ever. So that may not be an issue. However, you have a dependency on the .dlls with WCF and you’ll have to recompile your application for each upgrade which you don’t have to do with REST. Also, with 10.2.500+, you can create your own API with Epicor Functions and hide a lot of that implementation.

Everything would still work at your terminal but you’ll be making your upgrades a lot easier with REST.

Thank you, Mark

Yes, I meant REST(which shows my lack of expertise around it). I wasn’t aware that the compile issue was present also with WCF. I was assuming that it was a “soft” reference through the webservice.

I had issues when testing REST v2 in 10.2.400, I’ll try again in 10.2.500 and begin to learn the process.

Thanks again

There are Nuget libraries that will help with the REST in your app. I know Jose and Josh have one.