Create Supplier for Each Employee Manually

Dear experts, Please suggest how to create supplier for each employee manually using prefix?

for eg. Employee ID is 0111, We need to create Supplier id for this employee as EMP0111.

This setting works in tandem with the Enter Expenses checkbox in emp maint in the screenshot below. When you check the Enter Expenses checkbox in emp maint then save the record, it will automatically create and link a supplier to the emp record with the prefix defined in comp config.

There is a setting on Company Configuration under AP where you can specify a prefix and a supplier is created when you create an employee with the prefix.

Vinay Kamboj

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Is Expense Management a separate module or it falls under the Time and Expense Entry.

Vinay Kamboj

I believe this is a standard tab within the Emp Maint form, can not say for sure though.

Dear Vinay, We have already set the Prefix at Company level. But problem is that how to add EmpNum with prefix. By default system is generating auto sequence refer to below attached screen shots

Please suggest how to create Employee Supplier Id like EMP0313 (Prefix-EMP , Sequence- EmployeeID) instead of EMP21?