Creating a job from sales order

I have a sales order with multiple line items. One is a large manufactured item. A few line items are misc parts, one line item is service.

When I create a job from that sales order, I get a job for every line item. I don’t need a job for a spare part line item.

A job was not created for the large manufactured item because it’s a standard ‘part’ in our item list… it has a MOM, but it did not show up after I created a job.

When I create a job from sales order, I get the sales order number associated with the job number. When I create a job arbitrarily from the jobs screen, I get some random number and I don’t know if it associates with the actual sales order.

My question is - what is the correct way to create a manufacturing job from a sales order??? Do I push from the SO, or do I pull from the jobs screen???

Why does epicor put every line item into a separate job??? Why would anyone want this? In order to delete you have to delete the demand item first.

I could go into the first job it creates, and modify it so that it has what I want, but the demand item isn’t correct because it’s linked to the SO

Almost a year into using Epicor and we still can’t even function with it.

It sounds like you are not running MRP. Is that assumption correct?

I don’t believe so

When I create a job from this SO, it creates a job for every line item shown here. That’s insipid.

Ok, then my recommendation would be to use Order Job Wizard to create your jobs. You can select which lines need a job and create them there. It is a fairly simple process and you should be able to use the help, but if you need anything, let us know.

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A couple settings on “Company Config” control how job numbers are generated:

Company Config > Modules > Production

Job Number Generation - controls the job numbers that are created when you select “next job”… for example creating a stock job.

Quick Job ID… when a job is created in the Order Job Wizard… it can either get the “Next Job” number… or it can be tied to the Order Release (which is why some of you jobs may have that structure).

When creating jobs from a Sales Order… you can use the Order Job Wizard:

In the example above, my Sales Order has (3) lines… (2) of these lines are “Make”… the other is a stock item. This is why only Lines 1 & 3 appear in the Order Job Wizard.

You then check the boxes in the middle for what you want to do with each Line… Create Job, Get Details, Schedule, Release.

When ready, click the “Create Jobs” button at the top of the wizard… this will create the requested jobs, and again, based on your settings in Company Config, they will either get job numbers based on the “Next Job” number generator… or they will get job numbers based on the Sales Order Number - Line - Release.

IF you create a job in Job Entry first… then you have to create the demand link to link it to the Sales Order afterwards. In this case, the job number can be “the next job number” if you click the “next Job” button… or you can enter anything you want (manually use the sales order number if you wanted).

But again, if you do this, you then have to go into the job’s demand and add the link if you want it tied to the Sales Order Line/Release.


I have been told multiple times that my communication can be interpreted as condescending or insensitive, because I tend to be very direct. I mention this because what I am about to say is meant to be helpful, so please do not interpret it another way.

I’ve seen a few of your posts on here and based on them, I think you need to stop fighting the system so much. I understand you are frustrated, and I get it, but the system is not your enemy. Epicor is built off of standard business practices. In general, entering parts that you are not pulling off of the shelf or manufacturing should not be entered as a line on a SO.

I do not know your company history, but I would guess that you did not use an ERP system before you implemented Epicor. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that an ERP is plug and play. That could not be further from the truth. The number one thing that implementing an ERP should do for a company is to standardize their processes. If a company does not review their processes and change them to work with the ERP, then the project will fail every time. Not saying this is specific to you, just generalizing.

I would be more than happy to continue this conversation if you want, but this is not the place. I just wanted to give you my perspective. If you concentrate more on learning standard business practices and altering your processes, I believe you will come to love Epicor.


If a job is not created… it could be due to either the Part set-up… or the order/release set-up.

The best/first place to look is the release screen…

  • If it says “Make Direct”… it should give you the option to create a job in Order Job Wizard.
  • If the “Make Direct” box is unchecked… it will not.

And again, this “Make Direct” checkbox is true/false by default based on the Part Record set-up.

  • If it is a Purchased Part… this box will default to false. (you don’t want to make a purchased part)
  • If it is a Manufactured Part & Non-Stock… this box will default to true. (you don’t stock it, so you have to make it)
  • If it is a Manufactured Part & Stock… this box (I think) will default to false… the system assumes you will fill the order from inventory.

I appreciate the help. Yes I am extremely frustrated with this software. We’ve had it a year and we’re flailing with it. Epicor themselves just laugh at us. I don’t think you’ve been condescending. If anything I have a piss poor attitude about it and when I come here I am angry because I am stuck wasting hours trying to complete a task. Makes me want to throw it away and use excel.

We came from Netsuite. It’s by far a better system in almost every way except handling custom builds. I regret moving from them. But I did it and I am stuck.