Creating Material Certificates

We created a BAQ report and then added the report to the Action menu in Customer Shipment Entry, passing the Pack ID to a report option.

How are other manufacturers creating their material certificates?

For each finished good, some of our clients require us to provide a list of raw materials and its corresponding raw material lot information used in the manufacturing process.  We are able to generate a certificate with up to 1 sub-assembly layer of raw material information through the customer shipment entry module.

Our dilemma is that we have several finished goods that were produced using multiple layers of sub-assemblies (when a sub-assembly was used as a material in another sub-assembly).  Epicor does not allow me to use an alias table in a RDD, so I've done some creative maneuvering to drill to one layer of sub-assembly, but haven't come up with a solution to a multi-layer sub-assembly finished good.

If you manufacture products with multi-layer sub-assemblies, how do you create your material certificates from Epicor?