Credit Card Processing - UK Server, US company


Has anyone come up with a way of linking up with US merchant services from a server that physically outside the US.

The current design is to have one company based in the UK and then another US company on the UK server, set up as a US company (using US CSF), both on the same physical server, residing in the UK.

The issue is that the US company processes a lot of credit card transactions.

I had intended to use Epicor’s credit card processing module, however, I have just found out that due to compliance issues, the server needs to be physically located in the US.

Is this just an Epicor issue or do other merchant services (e.g. PayPal) have the same issue?

Is one option to create a small web server app that sits in the US that would relay the credit card calls from Epicor, via a US server to the merchant service.

I appreciate this is a bespoke development, but I need to come up with a design that supports potentially multiple companies in different companies that each need to process credit card payments.

I know inter-company allows centralised AP processing, but there is not a corresponding AR option.

The only other alternative is to handle the payments outside of Epicor as a local accounts function fed back into Epicor manually.

I just wondered if anyone had experienced a similar challenge?



Can you be more specific as to the compliance rules you mention? Are you talking about PCI? I ask because we are going a different route, but with the reverse situation where the server and main company are in the US, but we have Dutch and British subs that will process cards in GBP and EUR.

We’re looking at a 3rd party gateway/processor combined solution (like EPicor’s CC offering) where we store/process nothing related to the credit cards, thus putting us in the (lowest/minimal) tier for PCI compliance. We’ve chosen to go with WorldPay so we can have each our our companies (via an interface inside Epicor) interact directly with Worldpay and remove most of the compliance burden on us. And as far as we know, we won’t violate the rules having a server in the US that services UK/NL companies because we don’t store any CC data.

Hi Mike,

I got the info from the Epicor CAM this morning, so I am hoping this may be specific to Epicor’s offering,

The Epicor Payment Exchange is only available in the US and for customers where the server is located in the US. This is due to legislation and compliance certifications.

I will try and speak with WorldPay and see if they can confirm that there are no issues as this may be the preferred route.

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Yes, I think the issue is that Epicor’s service ONLY operates in USD and has no access to the Credit Card companies outside the USA. Worldpay does, and if you’re OK using PayPal you could use them too b/c they can take multi currency/etc.

I think you can use the Paypal pay flow gateway service to connect to a merchant or use paypal as the merchant.

For a few Canadian customers I’ve seen centurybizsolutions implemented to resolve US/Canadian transaction issues. Reach out to them, I’ve used them with other ERP systems as well.

Thanks Bryan!