Credit Hold Email Alert

I’ve been asked to create an email alert which when the Customer Credit Hold is activated by a process such as Invoicing - then the email is sent to notify Accounts.

I’m having trouble finding the right method directive to apply this email alert. I’ve tried Customer Update, CheckCredit Hold, lots of places but cannot seem to get an email to be sent.

All email info is correct - I think my bpm just isn’t been run

Can anyone help please?

Many Thanks


Have you run a Trace while entering an invoice that would cause the Customer to go on Credit Hold to see which methods and Business Objects are being called?

I would just use a data directive on the customer table, and detect if the credit hold field CreditHold has been changed from false to true.



Yes I have run a trace and this didn’t help

Ive tried data directive, but cannot see option to email from a data directive.

Make sure you use a Standard Data Directive. In-Transaction Data Directives don’t allow you to send emails.

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Sorry forgot to mention thanks to point it out.!.

I use In-transaction to detect the change and add a widget to call the standard directive if cond is true. In the standard directive, I add the condition that it was called by a in-transaction process, then create the email.


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Hi Thanks I tried this but still no luck

I think it is because the value is already changed in standard transaction…reason I use this condition in a In-Transaction process…

What do you have in your “Customer on hold” InTransaction?

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Here in the In-Transaction:

then in the Standard:

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There is already a global alert for that. You can activate that.

Vinay Kamboj

RE: Global Alerts…

But I have no problem if they work for others.


Thanks however still not firing an email

Should the rule be set :slight_smile:

Try sending the email Synchronously. I’ve had issues in the past where asynchronous emails wouldn’t send. This will also display an error to the user if the emails failed to send for some reason, like the SMTP address and port not being set up in Company Maintenance.


I usually use For each Matching…In this case it should not matter has it is one customer …
If an update would be for multiple rows…passing your conditions, “for each matching” would result I think in sending an email for each “matching” row …

and as Tyler indicated… use Synchronous…


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Its still not working - I cant believe it - i’m using exactly the same email settings we use on APR which operates fine and also I tested normal Email function from Print and that emails too which I believe uses same company maintenance email settings.

Im beginning to think this is impossible…

Hi @carlawhite
have you tried to change your BPM from Data to Pre-process Update Method at Customer BO ? you can use the exact same widgets, try it, some times In-Transaction Data BPM for certain tables fail to do what is supposed to do.

Have you tried it with message widgets, before the email to see if it goes through? one for true, one for false… just to make sure if it gets fired or not…

also, sometimes you need to do a recycle IIS, (at least when we were under 10.0.700 we had too often… sometimes a few times… ) but our current version does not need… (10.2.300)