Credit Hold Setting Difficulties

Hello to all you awesome Epicor users!

We are currently having an issue where we need to prevent our customer service team from entering sales orders for customers that are over their credit limit. However, the setting in Company Config also prevents you from editing anything within orders that are for customers on credit hold. Is it possible (BPM is my guess?) to set it to up so customer service cannot create new orders, but can edit existing orders for credit hold customers?

My guess is turning the setting from Stop to Warning, and create a BPM where it checks the credit of the company, and if on credit hold prevents new orders from being entered? Iā€™m very very new to the BPM so I wanted to ask before spending too much time on it for no good outcome.

Thanks everyone, and I hope you know your expertise is very appreciated on this site! <3

Instead of preventing taking an order, you might consider a BPM that will set the releases on the order to unfirm.

Benefit of doing this will be capturing the order information so when the credit department calls, they can say. I see you have an order for ā€¦ we would like to fill it for you after you pay your open balance.

Just an idea.

Also note - when a customer is on credit hold, it is best practice to take the order off hold to ship it, not the customer. You can see this functionality in credit manager process