Credit Hold True = Allow Order / Aging Hold True = Stop Order

Since the settings in Company Configuration are tied together, Credit/Aging, I’m struggling to separate the rules that finance wants to follow. They do not want a job to be created when the customer is on aging hold.

Customer Credit Hold = Warn
Customer Aging Hold = Stop

Thanks for any ideas.

If an order will be be allowed to be entered then you have a couple options.

  • Set the OrderRelease to UnFirm. This will prevent the OrderRelease from creating a unfirm job from MRP and also the Order will not show up on the planning workbench.
  • Leave the Shipto blank - this will prevent the OrderJobWizard from working.

A Datadirective may be required depending on how you are creating Orders.

The best way of stopping production is (as previously mentioned) by setting the Order Release to Un-firm. There are a number of ways in which orders can be created and manipulated.

I have attached a .cab file that contains BPMs that will:

  1. Set the unfirm release flag on a sales order release created from a quote
  2. Set the unfirm release flag on a sales order release created manually

Hopefully these should get you started
SOUnfirmRelease.bpm (32.0 KB)

BTW - these are for 2022.1.8 but i have earlier versions if required

You’re so kind! I may have been over thinking it! Thanks for the steering.

Thank you for steering me in the right direction. Much appreciated.