Credit memo's not linked to RMA

I know that some people have discussed this a little bit, but I’m going to bring it up again.

The first requirement that I am being asked to look at is to related a misc invoice (credit memo) to an HDCase. Customer service is trying to see what the total cost of everything related to the case is, I don’t see anywhere on the screen for invoice entry to relate it to the case, but I see that there a field in the database for HDCase. Does that show up anywhere else that someone knows of? All of our invoices show a 0 for that field, so I don’t think anything is automatically being applied on that field.

Second question, does anyone have a process to skip the link through an RMA? The RMA process requires a part number, and if there is no physical parts being returned, it is very confusing to the user and everyone else involved. Currently, we are simply issuing misc invoices for credit memo, but it doesn’t link back to anything. We would like to link it to the HDCase (hence the first question) and it would be nice to be able to issue the credit memo from the HDCase without a part number, because it’s not a valid qualifier of the memo. Especially when you are looking at unit pricing, and the credit might have nothing to do with the actual price of the part that it’s not really even related too… (it’s would be like asking what color your car is at the DMV to get a license, sometimes the answer would be simple, but what if you have more than one car? Or don’t own a car? The question just wouldn’t always make sense).

My current simple plan, is to require Customer Service to request the misc invoice manually (outside of Epicor) from accounting, and accounting will create the invoice. I want to customize the invoice screen to add a control so an HDCase case be linked to the invoice. The only real thing that would change would be to create the customization so that it could be linked.

A grander plan would be to create a way for Customer service to create an invoice request that sets up a queue for accounting to process. That is obviously going to be a lot harder, and I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort yet.


So I finally found where case was on the invoice entry screen, but it’s grayed out (even with a valid line in there) I tried bringing in an RMA credit memo that was tied to a case, but it’s always 0 and I can’t figure out where it would be populating, or how to make it editable. Any ideas?


is it possible that the case field you see could be reserved for field service use?


It’s possible I guess. I don’t have the field service module, so I guess I can’t really check. (or more like I’m not sure how, I guess).

I think I am assuming that it’s not just because of the way the field help is worded, it looks like it’s specifically for a help desk case. But maybe that isn’t the case??