Credit Override Not Working


I have a customer that is on credit hold.

The order is marked as credit override.

I can change the dates on the header, but not on a line.



Ok, I figured something out, but that something still has to be broken.

If the option “Include Open Orders in Credit” is checked, I can’t edit. Off, I can.

There was a post somewhere about it triggering it to be back on hold if that was the case.
But it is NOT putting the order back on hold, so why can’t I edit?

What’s the point of an override if it doesn’t override?


Check out customer credit management, See if resetting for the order will fix it…

It could well be all the override, and changing flags has messed something up. Can’t recall if there is an override on the line also.

The credit hold functionality is a bit of an interesting beast to work with.


Yeah, thanks for the suggestion, but still no go.

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Company maintenance settings?

I am leaning toward an un-documented feature… I looked at the users guide to make sure I was not missing anything. Weirdly it mentions manually setting credit hold will put all open orders and misc invoices on hold, and disabling aging hold will take the m all off credit hold…

It goes on to say you can take individual orders off credit hold with the customer credit manager,.

It seems unusual that using the include open orders flag is preventing you, seems that the override is not respecting the lines… Does it work in classic mode? I am sure you already tried that.

That’s what I’m using.

Eewwww… Does a trace reveal any different xml with the include orders checked vs not?

I am out of ideas after that…

I just tried to test this… in PILOT (2024.1.5)… and it let me change the Line dates when the order was on Credit Override.

So, perhaps a bug that they fixed in the newest version? Hard to believe this would be a bug that never got caught before.

Is your line items a manufactured part? My test was for a stock part coming out of inventory. Wonder if you line may have been for a part that was already on a job or “Make Direct”? Does a credit hold put a hold on a manufacturing job… and you can’t change the date because the JOB is on hold?

In customer credit manager, was the “Include Open Orders In Credit” checkbox checked?


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And we only do stock.

Did you fix this? And did you try recalculating credit on that customer?

I worked around it in my BAQ, but this is every customer on credit hold, not just one.

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