Criteria in BAQ

Is it possible in a BAQ to add table criteria to check if a value begins with a number or not?


Yes, use the begins operator.

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In what context? BEGINS with what?
Do you mean several criteria entries such as JobNum BEGINS “0” or JobNum BEGINS “1” and so on?

Depends how you want to filter the BAQ.

…BEGINS with a number.

A thought from @hasokeric, does begins support regex?

I was hoping to use something like regex or substring with the array of numbers 0-9…

This works for what you want, I think.


Version 9 doesn’t have LIKE as a criteria choice. :frowning:

Is MATCHES available?

Got this to work in V10 also

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I don’t have access to E9 anymore and can’t run any tests.

Is that [0-9]%
Hard to see. If so, it didn’t work in 9.

However, this worked. [0-9]*
I remembered in 9, the magic is the *

Thank you thank you!!!


Well, just so you know, it worked great until it came to the dashboard. This criteria causes the dashboard to not load giving the following error. Some BAQs (Name of BAQ) missing from current Company. Please contact system administrator. I remove the criteria and it is fine.

One of our users got that same error yesterday (9.05.701). Turned out I forgot to mark the BAQ shared. Shared it and the error went away.:thinking:

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I wish mine were that easy. Must be a bug because the BAQ handles it just fine but not the dashboard referring to the BAQ.
By the way, that was the first place I looked…