Criteria on a table and a left join

So I need a left outer join, because I am looking for where something isn’t. One thing that I have noticed is that if I put a criteria on the right table, it treats it like an inner join. Is this a SQL thing? Or an Epicor thing? Is this just the way it’s supposed to work? In this case I can get around it by putting the criteria in the sub query, but I won’t be able to always do that.

This is what it looks like if I use a sub query criteria or a criteria on the table in the sub query

Can you paste your code please.

Interesting twist, I started messing with stuff, and now all of the sudden it’s working as expected. I don’t know what I did to make it work… I was just trying to get it back to the way it was to grab the code for you.

Cool, I’m more curious in those tables names. How are they not defined as ICE or ERP? I know you can set custom titles under the table names.

They are subqueries

Ah, I hardly mess with the BAQS. Always external code LOL

I’m the opposite. We’d probably make a good team. :+1:


LOL I deserved that,

Use the framework. I notice you didn’t say “properly” so I’m gonna run with it :joy:

Haha, I can live with properly using it for some items. Problem is with writing over 100 reports with multiple temp tables and calculations etc…I would much rather just write SQL all day than the BAQs

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