CRM Call Log Auto Populate

I am trying to populate the ShipTo on the CRM Call Log when it is opened from an order or a quote if there is a specified ShipTo on it. The only way I know to do this is with custom code. does anyone know if there is an easier way to do this? If not, I haven’t written code for anything similar to this in VB and everything I have written using VB is what I have taught myself from researching VB coding so does anyone know where to start on writing code for this?

You will probably end up modifying both the order, quote, and call log screens to do it. The only way I can think to do it would be to replace the standard tool click with one of you own. In your tool click method you will recreate opening the call log as it was originally but adding the ship to. I don’t know if the CRMCallArgs have a proper place for the ship to. If they don’t, then you will need to modify the call log screen to pick up the CRMCallArgs you sent it.
Here’s an example of calling the Call log from an RMA.

	EpiDataView edvCustomer = ((EpiDataView)(this.oTrans.EpiDataViews["Customer"]));
	System.Data.DataRow edvCustomerRow = edvCustomer.CurrentDataRow;
	if ((edvCustomerRow != null))
		string custNum = edvCustomerRow["CustNum"].ToString();
		string custID = (string)edvCustomerRow["CustID"];
		Erp.UI.App.CRMCallEntry.CRMCallArgs callArgs = new Erp.UI.App.CRMCallEntry.CRMCallArgs
                , custNum, custNum, "", "", "", "",custID, false); 
	            ProcessCaller.LaunchCallbackForm(oTrans, "CRGO6100", callArgs);

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Thanks Carson, that got me started in the right direction.

Just as a heads up, an order can have multiple ShipTo’s.

Most of the time the ShipTo’s on the releases are blank, which mean they inherit their ShipTo’s from the Header (or maybe the line, if it’s not blank - I forget if OderDtl has a ShipTo field or not). But an order can specify ShipTo 001 on the Order Header, and specify a ShipTo 005 on the Release.

@ckrusen That is true and we originally ran into that issue when we went live. However, since then we have required the sales reps to only have one ShipTo per order since that is the way we have always done it prior to using Epicor. This being said once we get everything smoothed out we might revisit this and see if we can fully utilize the capabilities of having multiple ShipTos’ on a single order.