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Question for anyone using mobile CRM on 10.2.300. Did you apply the public SSL certificate to the default web site in IIS and then use the Epicor admin console to amend settings for bindings and certificate on the live environment. Did this work with no connections issues if you previously had a self signed certificate? Keen to get this set up but want to make sure the certificate gets applied correctly. Any tips on mobile CRM welcome.

Welcome @GWESTLAND!!

My setup may be a little different but it works beautifully. We’ve got a second appserver dedicated to remote access (mostly so we can shut down remote access in a hurry if need be).

To make it work, we have

  • a public IP address with port 443 “port forwarded” through our firewall to that Appsever
  • a Digicert wildcard cert(eg * installed at the IIS Server level and on a 443 binding on the Default Web Site
  • public DNS(eg. pointing the cert’s hostname back to our firewall’s address

In the Admin Console, on that appserver, we have

  • https binding set with the DNS endpoint as the Cert’s hostname (eg.
  • the wildcard (eg * as the SSL Cert subject.

It works perfectly - we use the same Appserver for EWA and EMA as well.

NOTE - I don’t recall specifically and would have to look it up, but I think you also need to configure Token Authentication from inside the Admin Console too… or there was something else to make the Mobile CRM work right besides installed the BAQ package.


@GWESTLAND - did you get it working?

Hi Mike

Thanks for your response. I have not got it working yet but have ordered the SSL certificate. I like the sound of your second app server, seems sensible. Will keep you updated on my progress.

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Full disclosure: the second appserver is nice, but I haven’t figured out the whole ‘shared directory’ thing, so every patch/upgrade is twice the work on the server side of things.

Hi Mike

We now have this working through a separate domain name and SSL looking at an app server that has been created for mobility applications. Now testing the CRM app through links to test and production environment on our mobile devices.

Thanks for your input

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

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