CRM_Only Licenses

I’m getting mixed information. Hoping someone, here, can settle this.
I don’t have any CRM licenses to test with.
My company is thinking of getting some CRM-Only licenses for a new project.
When I asked my CAM about how they function I get told this:
CRM-Only licenses are not in their own channel. Epicor will automatically use up full licenses first. If you have 5 full and 5 CRM-Only licenses, Epicor will always use up the 5 full licenses first, even if they are only doing CRM only functions. Then, if the sixth user comes along and tries to work in a non-CRM module, Epicor evaluates the other users and will switch one of them to a CRM license and the 6th to a full.
But if all 5 full licenses are being used in non-CRM work and the 6th user tries more non-CRM work they will not have a license to use.

The log-in restrictions will keep a user to only going to CRM friendly areas but will not restrict them from being on a full license.

However, someone from the EUG shows me the opposite:

Are the CRM-Only licenses discreet from the standard client licenses?

Hi @estm8ben
Page 150 of the admin guide gives details about using the CRM licenses I believe.


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Thanks for the info. I’ll look into it.

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My version (10.1.500.0) of the document shows this on page 167. I think this is the answer:

License Options
You can set up EWA to launch through specific licenses. This topic describes how you set up EWA to launch
through these licenses.
You activate various licenses by adding the ?LicenseType= option at the end of the URL address. Then when
users log into this web site, this license type activates. The EWA interface displays using the selected license.
Note that you must substitute some values in these listed web site addresses.
• [YourServerName] - The name of the server where you installed EWA.
• [YourSiteName] - The name you specified during installation for the Epicor Web Access site.
The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) license restricts the interface to only display programs related
to the CRM module. To restrict EWA to only display CRM programs, enter the following URL:
• http://[YourServerName]/[YourSiteName]/default.aspx?LicenseType=CRM
The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) menu displays the interface you typically use on the shop floor. To
set up a web site address to display EWA using the MES interface, you enter the following URL:
• http://[YourServerName]/[YourSiteName]/Erp.Menu.MES.MesMenu.aspx
Time and Expense
The Time and Expense license limits the EWA interface to only display programs related to entering time and
expense records. To restrict EWA to only display these Time and Expense programs, enter this URL:
• http://[YourServerName]/[YourSiteName]/default.aspx?LicenseType=TE

This is telling me that the “?LicenseType” will define the license utilized. This info contradicts the info given from my CAM.

Our sales people all use the CRM license type. We edit the target line in the icon properties with the /CRM at the end. C:\Epicor\ERP10.2Client\Client\Epicor.exe /config=Epicor102.sysconfig /CRM. When Epicor is started using this icon it will always use the CRM license. Have been using it for 3 years and works very well for us.