Cross Docking

We have a customization that automates the functionality of the fulfillment workbench. When material isn’t available, the Order gets cross docked so that when material comes in it automatically allocates to that order.

When you use Cross Docking, what determines what gets allocated first if all cross docked parts have the same priority in the cross dock table.

Is it whatever Release that gets Cross Docked first gets allocated first, regardless of the due date on the release?

If anyone had any information on cross docking that would at least point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. It seems like there isn’t much documentation on cross docking (or at least not that I could find) aside from the general function that it allocates when material is received to inventory.

I recall the last time I tested the allocation base on the Cross Dock creation time. We have a Create Time column in the Cross Dock menu to indicate what line got crossed dock first.

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Thanks for the response @harry ! We have those as well. I’m thinking thats what it’s gotta be then.