Cross References in Epicor 9

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could help me understand Cross References in Epicor, especially when it comes to Parts/Sales Orders

Customer Part Cross Reference is simply a method of telling Epicor “we call this part ABCDEFG but our customer has it on their system as HIJKLMN”. Once you have that defined in Customer Part Cross Reference, then in the Sales Order screen you can just type in the Customer’s part number in the appropriate field and your part number will auto-populate.

Often customers will send in purchase requests listing THEIR part number, and sales people don’t normally have all their customers’ part lists memorized. Weird.

Thanks Ernie for the insight.

Do you know why it would appear in the Part Tracker too? For example, if I entered Part ABC, the Cross-References box appears with Part ABC and the type being Part Master (I gather that would be taken from the Part Tracker), then the second part shown is DEF and the ID is ‘CashSale’, with the Name being ‘Cash Sale’, and the type being Customer Part.

Would I be right in thinking that Part DEF is the part number that is used on the customer end?

The only place in Part Tracker I can find cross references is on the Serial Number tab… and I don’t have any data there (we don’t track serial numbers).

What you’re saying makes sense as far as interpreting what’s there. To verify, go into Customer Part Cross Reference, enter the customer CashSale, and click search. You should see your part ABC in the tree list on the left, and it should reference DEF.