Crowdstrike and Epicor

Has anyone used Crowdstrike Falcon sensors on their Epicor application servers and have a setup that does not disrupt the application?

After our ransomware event the security consultants installed it and kept disconnection the E9 app server every 20 minutes.

We uninstalled it and are working, but they want to give it another try.

Thanks for any insights.


Not to necro an old thread, but here I go! LOL :zombie:

Did you have any success with this?
We have a need to install Crowdstrike on our Epicor servers and want to make sure nothing is messed up.

I had to take CS and Trend off of our E9 servers. I am almost at go live for E10 and am going to put them both on my E10 dev server today. I will let you know if it has issues.

Hmm. Went to the E10 dev server and both Crowd Strike and Trend Micro were already installed, so I can say they have not had any issues in the three months that server has been up.

That’s a good sign! Thanks for checking into that for me.