Crystal disdribution

Hello group, I have searched thru all the old threads for info on
crystal distribution and found them very helpfull. I currently use
crystal 8.5 on vantage 5.0.326 with the merant 3.6 drivers. I down
loaded the compiler from crystal and have created a distribution file
for a report. The file installs fine and when I run the .exe I am
required to enter the database name, the user name and a password.
Is there a way around this? I really do not want to give out the
progress name and password to every one who needs to run the report.
In the archives I see this question has been asked but I have not
seen any responses. If this is required has anyone created a visual
basic app. to start reports using this static logon info, thus
keeping it out of the hands of the end user? Any info would be
GREATLY appreciated.
Mark Dupuis
Ranor Inc.