Crystal DLL files and ODBC

I'm wondering if anyone knows which specific .dll files are stored in an
XPPro /System32 directory that lets ODBC work from within Vantage...

Let me explain.
When I install ODBC (Merant 3.5 drivers) on a user's XP Pro PC, ODBC works
fine. However, we have one Vantage report (POForm.rpt) that has an ODBC
connection also. The only way to get this one to work is to install Crystal
Reports Designer, then uninstall it again. This leaves some .dll files in
the system32 folder that let the report work.

It's getting to be a pain to keep reinstalling through this process. Does
anyone know which .dll files are copied? That way I could just take those
files from a working XP PC and copy it to the new PC.

Any ideas?

Troy Funte
Liberty Electronics