Crystal QR codes via dynamic URL

Good morning all,

I’m trying to add a QR code to our crystal reports job traveler. I found an old thread on the forum suggesting using a dynamic link, but I think I’m doing this wrong.
(Old thread here:

I insert a picture object into the report using a URL like so:

And then I try setting the Graphic Location via formula using our desired field (which is just a concatenation of JobNum and OprSeq) like so:

But when printed the report shows the same QR for each op generated from the original URL using “123456789.” I did try adding the same formula to the Tool Tips, and that does change with each op as expected.

only thing I can assume is you are not providing the proper URL data
the chl=() is perhaps sending blank? have you validated the URL being sent by adding a text representation of the URL?

I tried with the URL you provided and it works fine you can use a ‘+’ for space between your data pieces too.


Hey Chris,

It works so to speak, but what I can’t do is make the link dynamic so that the QR code changes with each Op Seq. I’m probably misunderstanding what “Graphic Location” does. Maybe this isn’t even possible in Crystal? I’ve found other people in the forum saying they use an external script for this.


Quelle chance! I think I found the answer in this thread which was originally in French:

Evidently, Crystal doesn’t like https. I changed the protocol to http and Voila! Dynamic QR codes!

(This may just be due to browser restrictions on our server…)