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As part of going live with Vantage recently I have extensively modified
Crystal based forms to fit the old tractor feed paper (we absolutely must
have not only multi-parts but color coded and labeled for who gets each
copy). We are mostly printing on Okidata 321 printers and it is OK but as
soon as I print the same thing on a 391 the form length goes out the window.
My reading of the page settings in Crystal leads me to think that various
printers have different "printable area" settings either buil-in or set via
printer setup. Most of these printers have a means of printing a page of
the printer settings via front-panel combinations of buttons as well as a
way to make new settings. But the printer settings are very likely to have
a lot to do with differences from one to another. Laser and ink-jet are a
lot more tolerant since they tend to map the whole page in memory as opposed
to dot-matrix types which buffer a stream of characters to a single
character or "one line at a time" font matrix. Speaking of fonts -
different fonts can make a huge difference how Crystal handles printing and
character spacing on various printers.

On laser printers I think the P versions handle things a but differently for
Postscript processing and may have a setting to revert to non-postscript
mode. Turning off PS processing might make a difference.

I suspect that when writing Crystal the developers were biased towards page
printing versus older technology and did not do a lot to accomodate the page
setup for dot matrix printers. As an example I have a standard statement at
the bottom of every invoice telling how much interest we will charge for
each month past the due date. A simple text field and I selected single
border line on all sides to form a box. Normally the borders expand or
float around all of the text. On the ML-391 it printed a box OK but all the
text was shifted halfway out the left side of the box - half in / half-out.
On a laser printer or even the ML-321 it looks fine. I think if I played
with the ML-391 settings long enough (by trial & error) I could maybe make
it work. Just printing everything on whatever printer works best is a lot
easier right now.

Anyway I will be really glad when we finally eliminate multi-part forms and
laser print everything.


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Just to let you know you're not crazy. I cannot get our HP/4V,
HP/5P, or Epson dfx 8000 to print the same as the HP/5N or
5L's. Have you tried printing to the Okidata from Crystal Reports?

I'm working on the PO form now. Crystal prints it fine to the
HP5P but Vantage won't. Line 1 is deleted and the total
recalculated. Print preview looks good. The 5N and 5L's print it
fine but not the 4P or 5P. I'm not done checking yet and I haven't
gone to support yet. The form that shipped with Vantage works

On 15 Sep 00, at 13:03, Oleg Tumarkin wrote:
I am trying to edit a Crystal reports form
Invoice (ARform) to include a
comment on the buttom of the form. When I print
to HP Deskjet in my office
it looks good. When our Accounting prints it to
HP 6L it looks good, in
print preview it looks good, but when I print to
Okidata-ML520 it prints
the invoice the way it was before the change.
Any suggestions?

Russ Dover
IS Manager
Weaver Industries, Inc.
717 336 7507 phone
717 336 4182 fax

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We have this same little bug, but compared to the other bugs we are
wrestling with in 4.0, it is wonderful!


re: 'Nothing serious, but if you go into A/P - Reports - Received but not
Invoiced and click on Print preview, it sends things directly to the
printer without allowing you to look first.'