Crystal Report not executing from E10 menu

I added a custom Crystal Report to E10 and when ever I try to execute it, a quick screen pops up and goes away. I normally don’t add report items to the menu, so I may be missing a step. Existing Crystal Reports work fine and I’m confident I have the menu setting correct. But feel like I’m missing a step. I wrote the report and verified it does run correctly when in Crystal Reports.

I will also note, when I selected the report from its file location, quote marks were placed on either side of the file path. I manually removed those as I thought that might be causing the error.

Print screen of Menu Maintenance for the report I’m adding:

The menu looks setup looks OK except… is that path correct?
In older versions I needed to add slashes to the beginning of the path.

Otherwise I’d wonder if the might be workstation specific setup required for the report to work? e.g. PC connection/credentials before the Crystal report can work, DSN?

It was the slashes! Thanks!