Crystal Reports - Chart Question

FYI - This is solved. Apparently you can't use running totals for this. When I changed to summary fields the charting process works as planned.

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Hi group. I am struggling with a crystal charting issue and am looking for some advice from someone more experienced with this.

I have a report that groups by 1)Part 2)Job Completion Date 3) Job.
It prints job level totals for each part and then produces a series of charts at the part level.

It prints job level running totals (setup hours, production hours, etc.) and there are some formula fields for calculating things such as *hours per piece, *rework hours per piece *DMR reject percentage.

I can chart any of the running total fields but cannot find a way to chart any of the formula fields listed above.

I suspect that it has something to do with either:
A-the "chart layout" options or
B-the timing of the calculation in relation to the three pass logic.

For A - It seems to me that since I am printing and charting only at the group level (Job) that I want a chart layout of "group". The only layoout option that I have available is the Advanced layout as all others are greyed out.

For B - I have been told that I might try to add a first line to the formulas that says "while reading records" that will change which pass the calculateion is performed in.

Any advice is appreciated.

Dale Walker
Le Sueur Inc.