Crystal Reports prompting for credentials when running report in Epicor 10.x

How do you get past the Database Login prompt for credentials when trying to run a custom Crystal Report in Epicor ERP 10.x?

We’re migrating from v9 to v10 and I have some custom Crystal Reports from Epicor 9 that we’re trying to get running in Epicor 10. I’ve gotten past the initial errors that I was seeing, and now the Crystal Report window pops-up, but it immediately prompts for Database Login credentials (LoginID and Password).

I tried using an Epicor username and password and that failed. I tried “Integrated Security” and that failed too.


The XML file (for Crystal) is getting created in the EpicorData/Reports/Username directory.

I have a custom Report Data Definition created and in the definition, the Report Type is set to Crystal.

In Report Style Maintenance, the Report Type is set to Crystal", and my custom Data Definition is selected on the Report Style too.

Feels like I’m missing something… Any and all suggestions are appreciated! THANKS!

If you open the Crystal report in the designer, point to the XML file as the datasource, and then verify database what kind of message do you get? You could also try and preview.

So I have had this experience recently. I’m not sure why it suddenly
started happening - I think IT changed some network setting or SQL DB
settings to cause this.

In any case, I was able to get around this by setting up a report (read
only) user in SQL and used SQL credentials instead of the trusted. I’m
sure this isn’t necessarily the best approach, but it worked.

I tried setting up an ODBC on the APP server and setting ODBC credentials
in the Epicor system agent. That had worked for me in E9, but didn’t seem
to do the trick in 10.

Andrew Fagan
Sonas Group, LLC

I think I remember this happening with one of my E9 to E10 Crystal Reports…make sure that the list of tables being used in the Crystal Report matches that of the Report Data Definition table list in E10. I think I recall seeing an “extra” table that was brought into my Crystal Report from the E9 RDD, that had no fields being used from it within the report, and it was also not part of the Report Data Definition in E10. I think once I removed that “extra” table from the Crystal Report, that got rid of the Database Login window.

And just another thought but do you by chance have another external Datasource within this/these Crystal Reports? Like a link to an Excel spreadsheet perhaps? I’ve seen this Database Login window pop up when there was an issue with Security settings or an incorrect path location on an external Datasource file…although, if I remember correctly, I think it would usually spell-out the path or name in the Database Login window if that were the case. Just something else to look for…

Thanks for your help and advice!

In this scenario, the resolution included setting the Data Source Location in Crystal to one of the XML files that was just generated. I found that there were schema updates, but also tables and fields it could not map. Ended-up creating a new (copy) of the previous Epicor Report Data Definition…adding excluded fields, and adding missing tables and relationships for the missing tables. Updated the Epicor Report Style to match the new Epicor Report Data Definition. In Crystal, I created a “new” ADO (XML) data source to the XML file and then updated the mapping on the tables/fields. Saved the Crystal *.rpt file and then tried it again in Epicor ERP 10.x and SUCCESS! The report opened in the Crystal Viewer.

Thanks for the help and advice!