Crystal Reports XI: Cross Tab Summaries with Grouping

I'm working at the edge of my knowledge of Crystal Reports, which is
fun. Today I learned that you can do cool stuff with Cross-Tabs.

What I'm trying to do is generate a meaningful on-time shipment
report, that includes Early/On-Time/Late performance metrics. The basis
of my query is the ShipDtl table, which shows me everything shipped for
a given time period, and I work backwards to find the dates and release
quantities to calculate our performance.

The data for the report needs to be the shipments, and I can do a
cross-tab summary that shows me, based on my calculated Performance
field, for each shipment, whether it was early, on-time, or late.
However the actual overall performance calculations need to be done each
order/line/rel (I calculate this field) so we don't get penalized for
multiple late shipments on a given release (i.e. you can only be late

My thought was to do a subreport with the same data, but define
grouping by OrderLineRel in the subreport. However I can't use the
group summary fields in a CrossTab.

This kind of summary is perfect (and this of course is fake data J):

But these summaries are "raw" and I need to do some grouping and other
processing on the data for the scorecard. Grouping I think gets me what
I want, but then I can't use it in the crosstab.

I saw something that suggested that CR 2008 might do more for me in
this area.




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