Crystal Web Server Logon problem

I have just tried the following method of running the PageServer as a
process rather than a Service.

I can tell you that it definetely works!

If I can get this to run itself at boot-up then I'm happy (although would
rather have it as a Service).

Many thanks to everyone who has helped.

Anton Wilson,
Systems Analyst,
Deanestor Healthcare

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Here is what Alan Williams discovered. On the server with Crystal Web
component, you stop the service called Crystal Page server (there's two
Crystal services running, normally, and you stop the Page server one, I
think. I'm at home now, so can't check for sure. Then you click start/run
and type in the command line below.

lThen you can minimize the DOS window that comes up and leave it on the
task bar. CWC should run now.

Hope this helps.


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Thanx for the reply. Sejoon Park beat Seagate to the punch by about
fifteen minutes in getting me the command line (Thanx Sejoon!). For
who's curious, it's "C:\Program Files\Seagate
Software\WCS\pageserver.exe" -cache -deletecache -console. It works like
charm. In addition to the command line, Seagate provided this tidbit:
"Your reports should run fine if you run the page server as a foreground
process. If it runs fine as a foreground process and not a service, that
means that your database client software only has the appropriate entry in
HKEY_CurrentUser and not in HKEY_LocalMachine."
But they didn't include the registry value! Augh! I'm gonna bug some
more today and see if I can get it running as a service. If I do, I'll

Alan Williams awilliams@...

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> Troy,
> I would be delighted to find out how to do this!
> Please could you forward the information?
> Many thanks, and a Happy New Year.
> Anton Wilson,
> Systems Analyst,
> Deanestor Healthcare
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> Alan,
> I believe the Seagate solution to 'loop around' (er, I mean
> the looping logon is to run the Web Component from a command line, which
> leaves the program running on your taskbar (instead of running it as a
> service). But I know that somehow Ted Kitch has the thing running right
> the Vantage Server and has it running as a Service. I don't know how he
> does it. The Seagate workaround works, but you have that thing on your
> taskbar all the time. I can check the command line on Tuesday if you're
> interested.
> Troy

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thanks for your response and it sounds like you've chased it further than me
(although I did put a call in with Seagate, no response yet!).

Please let us know what that response is.

and Happy New Year,

Anton Wilson,
Systems Analyst,
Deanestor Healthcare


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Subject: RE:1. PORel .dbf tables 2. Crystal Web Server

I set up Crystal Web ServerThursday on a Win2000 machine, called the sample
reports right the first time, thought, "Wow, that was easy", then built a
simple Part/PartBin report out of Vantage. Boom! There went my delusions of
grandeur. I instantly got the infamous "Looping Logon". I rummaged around
Seagate's support until I found this: It
specifically addresses this. It also says to contact Progress tech support,
who sent me an exerpt from their kbase dealing w/ environment variables. I
tried their method w/ no result. I called back and the rep dug a little
deeper and found that they had referred everyone back to Seagate. That's
where I'm at right now. I'm holding in queue (your place: 1,459,217.
Serving: 3) If I have any luck, I'll post back.

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Subject: 1. PORel .dbf tables 2. Crystal Web Server


many thanks for your input.

I have a VB Form on the Purchase Release Line that contains a checkbox
called "Suppress Print". It is possible for the Purchaser to tick this
after printing the PO, so that when that Release is closed, it will not
appear on the next Order placed on that PO.

Alternatively we can re-open that Release Line, tick Suppress Print, then
Close the Release again, although that is less tidy.

I'd need access to the PORel.OpenRelease field in an ideal world, but we do
have the above workarounds.

Because it's one of the built-in reports, I can't do anything fancy like
creating my own .dbf files unfortunately, and ODBC... licensing issues!

I do use ODBC, but only on my machine and then the reports are distributed
over the intranet (for non-built-in reports).

We'll live with it for now I guess, hopefully the field will appear in the
super-duper sounding "eManufacturing"!

It surprises me that Epicor choose to leave ANY fields out when creating the
...dbf's, surely they'd keep a lot of people happier if they included them

On a separate note, I'd love to hear how everybody is getting on with the
Crystal Web Component Server. Wonder how many Vantage users are taking
advantage of it? I think it's an incredible tool, and as soon as I can sort
out the "refresh" option then I'm really getting somewhere on our reporting
(currently it asks everyone to log on to the database, but I have no idea
what password and userid it is asking for - I've tried all of my

Well, time to get back to it.... and just in case this is my last mail of
the day to you all...

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ! ! !


Anton Wilson,
Systems Analyst,
Deanestor Healthcare