Currency Revaluation report Base Balances gone bad

Hello all,

I wonder if anyone ever encountered issues with Currency Revaluation Reports, where Currency balance are very far from accrual balance on currency bank account.

We have one currency account in Euro, our normal currency is £.
Up until recently it all worked/ revaluated fine. I would stipulate the rate in “Exchange rate entry”, run “Currency revaluation process”.
Today I can see 12k in euro in Bank, my “Chart tracker” on Epicor agrees with me, but as I run revaluation , the report assumes we got 425k.

Any thoughts, please?


What do you see on the Balances tab in Bank Account Tracker?

Hi Jonathan, thank you for replying.

I see my 425k (which is wrong), but thanks to your clue i can see i have “non reconciled credit” in January, which seems to be the amount it is skewing it by. How did that came about?
(Apologies for silly questions, i’m very new)


I think you use Bank Statement processing to match transactions and then the balance is reconciled. But to be honest I usually work with Ongoing balances.

Try checking the Bank Reconciliation setup and see if that 425k starts making sense.

Indeed, thank you Jonathan, for some clues.
Checking Bank Account Tracker I can see Non-Reconciled Credit, that skews the currency revaluation report.
Interestingly, on GL tracker fo4r that back account - everything appeared in order.
This is because we had payment for a supplier posted with unspecified year/period…Its a next question how to resolve that :slight_smile: