Current Tariff Value in Inventory

We currently add tariff costs into inventory at time of receipt via the the Container Landed Cost Entry screen. We have a charge code set up for this tariff that they select that has the assigned percentage attached to it that is disbursed based on the value of parts received. We need to be able to report what the current value of that tariff is in our inventory. Is there a way to do this within Epicor, or has anyone done this before?

Hi, wouldn’t this just be the material burden cost element. This would obviously vary depending on the costing method.

We are on average cost. This would just be one component of the material burden. Trying to follow that through from receipt through every transaction that happens on every part related to each item with Tariff associated with it and having to recalculate average cost for each transaction that happens to the part and any part with it as a component would be a nightmare I would think. That is why I was hoping there was a better/easier way to do it already within Epicor, but I know that is wishful thinking.