Hello experts,

-Do you why I have 3 lines in part transaction history tracker for one shipment which is done on 17-02-2021 and invoice date is also same? What could be the explanations.

Hi Vishal,

It looks like someone has “messed with” a customer shipment / pack on various days. From the looks of it, they shipped it on Feb 7th. They went back into pack and shipped 3 again on Feb 17th, thus “running total” of -3 now for our QOH. Then they went back again on March 5th and unshipped or deleted the 3 shipped that cause the -3 QOH. Now we are at running total of 0 again.

I’d speak with the shipping personnel on the transactions if I were you! :slight_smile:

Our financial personnel advise shipping personnel not to reopen and edit shipped and invoiced pack slips without consulting with them first.


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