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Hi. I’m new to Epicor. I’m still going thru training and am trying to understand how things work. I created a BAQ that looks at 3 tables that have some custom fields in them. When I’m in BAQ Report Designer, I can see all the fields that I have in my BAQ under “Option Fields”, but I’m missing 2 of the 3 custom fields in the “Filters” tab. Why would that be?

Screen shots are your friend here. I’m not sure what you are looking at by your description.

If you don’t have a good program for making them, get greenshot.

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Look in Extended UD Table Maintenance at the table in question - do you see 2 green boxes

If you are in 10.2 - i think its called User Defined Column Maintenance

Hi Banderson.

I made screenshots of the Option Fields tabthat shows field OrderHed_ordertype_c, and the Filters tab that doesn’t show OrderHed_ordertype_c:


Hi Chris_Conn.

I’m on I don’t see an Extended User Defined Table Maintenance screen in my Menu. I may not have permission to see it. Can you give me the path of folders to get to it?

I mentioned above, if you are using 10.2, it’s called something else:

Nellida, The filters will only show-up if the field has a LIKE Property that has a Search Form related to it. You can’t create a Filter for everything, it is one Epicor limitation. You can create one for PartNum, OrderNum, QuoteNum etc… mainly the Main Key Fields.

However, You could maybe get around it somehow by looking at [ Tips/Tricks ] Add UD100.Key1 as Filter to BAQ Report - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum

But often its not worth the effort for an Order Type; might use a dropdown instead under Options.

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Report designer, no wonder I was lost, I saw BAQ and got excited and didn’t read report designer.