Custom products and ABOM module

We are a custom skylight manufacturer; we currently use job
templates for our BOMs. We have started to evaluate the ABOM module, and I'd
be interested to hear from others as to how they use the module.
Here are some generalities about our processes; you may contact me
on or off list if you have questions.

* More than 90% of our skylights are one-offs... the exact system will
never be built again.
* Most systems, however, have common components. It is material cut
lengths that vary.
* Each skylight (the 0-level assembly) has a number of child
assemblies. For instance, a pyramid would have the following assemblies:
Engineering, Framing, Triangular insulated glazing, Pentoidal insulated
glazing, and Packaging. Of course, each child might have its own
subassemblies. The method is seldom more than 3 levels deep.
* By way of example, 12- and 14-foot pyramids would differ only by
material quantities and cut lengths. All operations and materials (PNs)
would be identical.

Anyone else using ABOM for such products? If so, I'd be very
interested in speaking with you.

System: 3.0, moving to 4.0 this weekend.

Kenneth E. Urban
Manager, Information Systems & Technology
Major Industries, Inc.
7120 Stewart Avenue
Wausau, WI 54401
(715) 842-4616 voice