Custom Reports and Authentication

Context: Vantage 8.03.405, MSSQL 2005, Custom Reports directly to SQL
to call some stored procedures.

I'm trying to troubleshoot some final deployment issues with the
Custom BOM report I developed. What I'm seeing is wacky results in
deployment - in some situations I don't see all of the fields in the
subreports. To troubleshoot this, I thought I'd get away from using a
trusted SQL connection to hardcoding a userid and password.

I'd prefer to not use DSNs for the obvious reason of having to do more
custom setup on the client. In my initial testing at least I was able
to deploy the report and as long as we installed SQL Native Client on
the user's machine all was well.

But as I'm troubleshooting I want to eliminate variables.

It looks like Vantage passes the userid and password set in the Custom
Report Maintenance screen to the report to logon to the database. What
does the "Use Default Username/Password" refer to? The credentials
baked into the report, or retrieved from somewhere else? I don't see
anything in the default.mfgsys params that would relate to this.

I see a way in Crystal to change the connection info in the report to
use a username, but not a password.



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