Custom SSRS report from Menu maintenance requires user name and password

We are converting custom Crystal reports to SSRS and adding new menu links to these reports via menu maintenance. When the report link opens the browser the user is required to enter a user name and password to access the report. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening?

From the server you will need to modify security to add the users or groups in SSRS

We have added the proper users and groups and the users can access the reports but only after entering their user name and password every time they run a report. We need some way to work around them having to enter that info every time they run a report.

With proper domain credentials used in SSRS they shouldn’t need to enter a user name and password. Give rights to the reports via a domain group and add the users to the domain group. The other piece it could be is the credentials on the report datasource. Those should be saved in the datasource.

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The credentials are all set correctly. I believe the issue is caused by SSRS using a browser to access those folders

I think this may happen if your default browser is NOT Internet Explorer or Edge. I have found that Microsoft SSRS viewer doesn’t play well with Firefox or Chrome without re-entereing your credentials.