Custom Sub-Menu Screen - Qty Adjustment

I’ve got something I’d like to do in Epicor, but I’m not sure if it’s actually possible. I’ve been working with Epicor for a couple years now. I’m by no means an expert, but I do have some programming experience and I’ve done some customizing in Epicor. So, I’d be willing to stretch myself for a custom solution, if it’s possible.

I’ll just explain what I’d like to do, and you all can let me know if it’s at all possible.

We have items that we purchase as cases, but sell as single items. For instance, we’ll get a case of 12 quarts of Oil, and we receive it as (1) case. When we break open a case, we have to convert the item to individual quarts, to keep track of how many cases and quarts we actually have.

Let’s say we have (2) Cases in stock, and (3) Quarts in Stock. If we sell (6) quarts, we don’t have enough quarts in stock to cover the Order, so we have to decrease the Qty of Cases by (1), and increase the Qty of Quarts by (12) - bringing the totals to (1) Case in Stock, and (15) Quarts in stock (the (12) we just added, and the (3) that were already there). Then when we ship the (6) Quarts, it decreases the Qty of Quarts by (6), bringing the in stock Qty of Quarts down to (9). Sorry that was a bit of a tongue twister!

What I’d like to do, is if we try to ship (6) Quarts, but we only have (3) Quarts in stock, a custom menu screen or something pops up (linked to the Qty Adjustment Form, somehow?), that let’s you adjust the Qty right there, on the fly. This serves two purposes:

  • It allows us to do everything from one place, easily, and slightly automatically.
  • It prevents us from forgetting to do a Qty Adjustment, and forcing the Qty to go negative.

I realize this may be just a magical pipe dream, but I thought it was worth asking about.

Please let me know if you have any creative ideas. I really appreciate the help!

Do you have Cases and Quarts as separate part numbers? If so, what UOM class(es) do they belong to, and what are the IUM, PUM, and SalesUM values for each?

If not, are Cases and Quarts separate Units of Measure on a single part number? If so, what UOM Class does it belong to and what are the IUM, PUM, and SalesUM values… and do you have Track Multiple UOMs enabled on the part?

Lastly, how are these parts costed?


Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been pretty busy.

Please see my responses below. Thanks!

  • Yes, separate part numbers for cases and quarts.
  • UOM Class: Count Measurements
  • Costing Method: Avg
  • (both PNs are the same)

Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks for the help!


Using this process can do terrible things to your unit costing, but if your finance people haven’t been screaming about it yet then they probably won’t.

But that’s where my helpfulness ends here… what you need is beyond what I can do. There are certainly programmers available who can do this (I work with some and have worked with more), but what you ask is a pretty good stretch.

The parts needed will likely be:

  1. a BPM on Customer Shipment Entry that fires when you’re going out of stock on the quart;
  2. a button on the Shipment Lines screen to open a custom updateable dashboard that;
  3. takes your values and calls the Inventory Adjustment BO to do the update.

It’s the custom updateable dashboard that will need more horsepower. Anyone else want to chime in?

Good luck!