Customer Base Extension

I meet the problem with CustomerQuickEntry Base Extension. I changed layout a little bit and now I have it looks like that:

The problem is when I re-open this customization then Billing panel disappearing! I checked Visible property in customization and it’s setting to false automatically.

I have tried to set that property hard in code on Form Load method

private static void CustomerEntryForm_Load(object sender, EventArgs args)
   EpiDockManagerPanel billingDock = (EpiDockManagerPanel)csm.GetNativeControlReference("cbe67198-64bd-4fb7-a436-25be08d81104");
  billingDock.Visible = true;

It does not help :frowning:

I checked Custom Data in Customization Maintenance and I see Visible for this billing Dock is set to true. So it means default value for some reason is false and it seems it’s overwriting it everytime somewhere after form load.

Please help!

Hi Pawel,

I am working on a customization for the customer quick entry also, which is a base extension (and incredibly annoying iMHO). Are you sure that you are running your customization and not just the base? I found that if I want this customized base extension to run, I have to make a “fake” version of it in menu maintenance, then make a process calling maintenance entry to get it to run. I learned how to do this thanks to posts here in Epi users help, that I am VERY thankful for! :slight_smile:

In fact it doesn’t matter where from I run customization. I see my modified layout but every time I opening it the billing dock Visible property is set to false even though I set it to true.

Hi Pawel,

It sounds like Epicor is running code after Load then. I would consider either using Customer Entry and disabling controls that you don’t want user to access or trying to run something after load of Customer Quick entry to make it visible.
In my case, I don’t want users to use Customer Quick Entry at all and so I disable all controls on load since I can’t figure out how to get this base extension to not show up in my context menu. The disabling works fine so I’m surprised that your make visible/enabling does not.