Customer/Contact Import in E10

Is there a template available for Customer/Contact Import? the help is not very helpful. need to know which fields are required. We get “Invalid Customer Contact Import File”

do you have to import contacts first? or customers first? I know in Vantage you could Export a customer and use that file as a template. cant see if we can export in 10.1 (with CRM).
thanks in advance.

This should be the same as manual entry; Customer then contact. You shouldn’t be able to create a contact that doesn’t have a parent record. That being said, the DMT Has a Customer Combined template which you can create the customer and contact at the same time.
As for the required fields, in DMT there is a ‘Required’ button which will list all the required fields. I’ve found in the past it’s not 100% accurate, especially for the combined imports but a good place to start.

Andrew, thank you for your reply. I will check the DMT template in the morning.