Customer Cross Reference on Subassemblies

When we set up items, we normally will set up sub-assemblies for those items with the same part number. These sub-assemblies are usually (but not always) unique to this parent item. Because these items are unique we will fill in the Cross Reference on both the parent and on the component.

Normally this is not a problem, but because of the manual entry we sometimes forget these. What would be the best way to either automate filling these in or to at least catch blank ones when setting up the final part number?

Either automating the duplication or catching the blanks can be handled with a BPM.

I imagine you’d put a BPM on Part.Update() for both of those cases. It would require some code to crawl the heirarchy and check/change that field.

Another simpler method might be to just put a row rule on either your part entry or tracker when that field is blank so it at least alerts your users.

Thank you Chris. I will look at the row rule first and see if that solves the problem. Otherwise I will dig into automatically updating it.