Customer Managed Purchase Orders - Sales Kits

Hi All,

We’re holding stock for a customer in Customer Managed Bins. Some stock forms part of a Kit (Part A & Part B) which is stored in inventory as individual items. We receipt the stock into our system via a Customer Managed PO to our supplier. To ship them we raise a Sales Order and then a Packing Slip. We can ship the individual items if we put them into the Sales Order Lines individually but can’t seem to ship if we create a Line in the Sales Order for a Sales Kit. When it comes to the Shipment Entry for a Sales Kit I can’t select from the Customer Managed Bins.

How do we ship Sales Kits out of inventory when our customer want’s to draw down a Qty?

I can’t find anywhere in the User Guide or the Help functions to show how this is done.

Can anyone assist?

Appreciate any assistance guys.



Does both Part “A” and Part “B” are stored in customer managed BIN.
What is the sales kit part code? does this stored in the customer managed bin ?

The Sales Kit isn’t an inventory item, it’s a phantom. It’s made up of the sum of its parts, in our case from 1 x Part A plus 1 x Part B.
The parts are also Lot Tracked. I managed to get the Sales Kit to ship eventually but it’s such a convoluted way of doing it that I can see it causing issues with our Warehouse guys.
I find it crazy that there isn’t a function to ship Customer Managed Inventory easily. Once I entered the Sales Order number into the Packing Slip, Epicor prompted the Sales Kit items but only showed the none customer managed inventory to choose from. I had to edit the Warehouse Bins and edit the Lot Numbers. Not very efficient at all.

Is anyone using Customer Managed Inventory and can anyone offer any comment on this query?
The solution I found is quite convoluted and it’s guaranteed our Warehouse guys will unintentionally stuff up.

May be select the backflush kit components in the part master for main part.
Below screen shot for your reference.


I have tested as below, its working fine.



Thanks for your concise reply. For our shipments we need to be able to select the relevant Lot number and Bin location. I believe we wont be able to do this if backflush is checked.

Even if we could simply select the Customer Managed Warehouse when we create the Packing Slip it would be pretty simple but the only only we get is to select our own warehouse.