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The expectation is that information entered at the customer level, on the Manifest tab, should populate to sales orders for that customer.
More specifically, we are defining the Third Party values, in Customer Entry, on the Manifest Info → Billing tab.
The expectation is that if I create a sales order for this customer and then select Third Party on the orders manifest tab, that the values from the customer record would populate to the sales order.

Are we wrong in our expectations? Is this a bug?

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Unfortunately it does not populate into Sales Orders. We had to have a customization to do what you’re describing.

Thanks Lacey.

In the mean time, I tested this out in E9.05.702A and it works as expected. I wonder if it’s a bug in 10?

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You may need to setup the third party manifest information on the ship to. We set it up in customer entry and use a BPM to add the information to each new ship to created. Initially we used DMT to update existing ship tos. This is a setup we created in 9.05.606A. No one has complained it not working after migrating to 10.1.600.8

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When you are entering the order, are you selecting a different Ship To? If the Sold To and Ship To are different you need to create the Third Party Manifest for the Ship To you are selecting. Each Ship To can have it’s own Third Party Manifest.
We use this quite frequently with our orders and we don’t have any issues. We are on version 10.1.400.28.

Hi Joe,

As I remembered about it I have written a BPM for this in E9 for your company.

I know this works in Vantage 8 and E10. Is it really broken in E9?

Yes, I wrote a bpm to grab the info.

Would you be willing to share the BPM?

In my experience, it wasn’t even that it always worked, or always didn’t work: Instead, it tended to always work on certain customers and never work on others… and the inside sales force at the client company had just used it that way under Vista 8 for years, to the point they had their top customers’ information in muscle memory. And Epicor 10.0 didn’t (at least fully) correct the issue! My task was to install a button on the UI to grab the information if it didn’t come over automatically. Also, on the Manifest tab, if someone didn’t choose a method from the dropdown, and did so after entering all the info, then the other fields would all be erased! We customized to gray-out all the fields until someone chose from the drop-down.

I will look for it

My bpm is in SalesOrder.ChangeCustomer, post processing. execute ABL.

/* get cust frt billing method */

For Each ttorderhed Where ttOrderhed.Company = cur-comp,
		Each CustMFBill where ttOrderHed.Company = CustMFBill.Company and ttorderHed.CustNum = CustMFBill.CustNum.

		Assign ttOrderHed.PayFlag = CustMFBill.PayBTFlag.
		Assign ttorderhed.PayAccount = CustMFBill.PayAccount.

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