Customer on hold permission

Is there a way to give permission to specific number of users that allows them to take a customer off credit hold.

I guess it will be a BPM but not sure where to start.

Hi Lee,

The first place to start is to do a Trace of putting someone on Credit Hold and Taking them off.

Once you’ve identified the Business Object and Method, you create a security group and put the people who can perform the function into that group. Next, you create a condition testing to see if the user is a member of the group, if not you raise an exception.

Mark W.

Not sure about E9 but in Vantage we tightened up the security on the menu item Customer Credit Manager. Then groups that had access to Customer but not Customer Credit Manager had read only access to the Credit Hold box.

We did the same in E10 but also applied Field Security to Customer.CreditHold making the default access Read and then giving select groups Full access.

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Yes, field security is also the way to go in Epicor 9. System Mgmt/Security Maintenance/“Field Security”. Probably change the Access for the CreditHold field to Read, then give Full access to specific people or groups. This way when you add new users, you won’t have to remember to make them read only. They’ll default to read only. (You’ll have to remember to give new users that can edit credit hold full access or add them to the right group, but guessing most new users won’t be able to edit credit hold).

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Don’t know if this will help, but in E10 we have a method directive setup. If you change that, this will allow the user to modify the credit hold. I just tested it with a user.