Customer Order Hold

Curious how other users are handling customer orders that they do not want to plan in MRP. Currently the logic is that a hold only stops the shipment not the make of the orders, Order Entry wants the ability to put in an order and not have it drive demand to make it until they release the hold. Issue is these are not make to customer parts but make to stock and then pull and ship

If you set the Release lines to Not Firm, it should prevent suggestions from appearing. There are a couple of threads on this topic: Order Hold - prevent MRP and PO Suggestions

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Our Hold BPM strips the ShipBy date on the header if the order is on hold, and places them back when off hold. The end-user gets a pop-up to refresh the lines/releases needby and shipby dates to keep it in sync with the header (if the dates were the same).

Ditto on the unfirm release.