Customer Primary Billing Contact

Each customer contact has several unique identifiers, Company, Custnum,
ShipToNum and ConNum. So if you have a customer with even one shipto with a
contact associated with that ship-to, you'll have 2 contacts with ID# 1.
You need to add a shipto filter. If your looking for primary bill-to,
you'll want the contact with that # and with a blank shipto id.

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Good Morning All,

I am trying to make simple Customer list along with the Primary Billing Contact. The problem is that on the Customer table, the PrimBCon gives you a number for that contact. When I link to the CustCnt table I find that more than one contact has the same contact number. How is that possible? I thought each contact, whether shipping or billing contact has it's own unique contact number.

Jasper Recto
Director of Information Technology
Loc Performance Products, Inc.

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