Customer Ship Entry - Manufactured part only allow From Manufacturing?

If we are shipping a part configured as a Sales Kit we’ve observed in Customer Shipment entry the user can only enter Our Ship Qty from Inventory. Although for a manufactured part we see that a user can enter Our Ship Qty from both Inventory and from Manufacturing. We’re seeing issues where Our Ship Qty is populated for both Inventory and Manufacturing. My best guess is this is a user training problem(entering the wrong data in the wrong field), but wondering if it’s possible to setup a manufactured part to work like a sales kit, that is only allow them to enter Our Ship Qty from Manufacturing?


Epicor’s definition of a Sales Kit is essentially “take the list of parts off the shelf, put them in a box, tape up the box and ship it”. No labor or overhead is applied, therefore it can’t be a “make-to-order” part. If a manufactured part is included in the Sales Kit, you’d need to complete the job and receive the items to stock before putting them in the box.

Sales Kits are pretty strictly defined and their use is not all that flexible.