Customer Ship Entry: OTS issue - defaults to Sold To shipping address not OTS address

I have our own company set up as a customer so that for certain business we can do similar as counter sales but we can’t use counter sales.

If there is a OTS ship selected when you go to do customer shipment entry it pull up only the Sold To and doesn’t update the Ship To.

See the image of an order experiencing this problem:

Hi Tracy,

A couple of oddities jump out at me in regards to your pack. Why is your Ship To on customer pack slightly different than the customer sold to on order/pack? You have a PO box on one and then not on other. So… where did that pack ship to address come from?
Is it possible the user has changed the ship to on the release(s)?
We use OTS (more often than I would prefer, users avoiding customer gatekeeping) and when used, the pack shows the ship to field as blank, per below. I guess this means OTS is used… We are on 10.1.600.20


You are right there are definitely some oddities.

However, the primary ship to is #1 and it is different than the bill to address with the PO Box.

On this order that is screen shot, the ship to is BLANK and the OTS is enabled and completed. There are no releases and in fact on the releases tab the address that was entered in the OTS tab is in fact the address that is showing.

It is when you go to customer shipment entry that seemingly ignores the OTS check box and address and only pulls in the primary ship to.

I wasn’t sure if anyone else ran into this and/or has suggestions to not have this happen.
I’ve attached some images.
First is DESELECTING OTS to show you what primary ship to #1 looks like:
This image is the OTS ship selected:

This image is the OTS ship selected view from the Releases tab:

Hey Tracy,

I just found that we are having this same exact issue.

I was wondering if you ever found a fix or a workaround?