Customer Ship To Tax Calculations

Can someone point me in the direction of how Epicor calculations taxes based on ship to address. We are drop shipping items to different ship to addresses but tax calculations remain at the customer level and don’t vary. Any documentation would be useful as well.


Each ship-to has it’s own tax information. Maintain that are and you should be good.

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I can see that each ship to can have it’s own tax liability set but it doesn’t seem to be working for us. Also, I have used MRP & Scheduling Technical reference guides in the past to resolve manufacturing issues but there doesn’t seem to be a tech ref for Finance items I can find.

When entering the order and ship to, the ship to tax information should override the customer information. This should also occur at the release level if you use the ship to at that level.

After the order is entered, the tax information is set unless you change it.

Tax must be calculated based on Ship-To address only which is a legal requirement in most countries. Check the tax setup. If it does not work, you should log a call with Epicor.

Thanks for the response @Arul but after speaker to Epicor they have confirmed the system does not calculate taxes on drop ship correctly. For reference for others experiencing issues on this (Please note I’m not an accountant so some of terminology may be off) but we are now turning off tax calculations on the PO and having our Finance team vet invoices when they come in for the correct Tax. Day one we will be doing this manually. At some point we are hoping to have a BPM assist with this. Also, Taxes are calculated correctly on the sale side but Epicor doesn’t calculate them on the buy side correctly.

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Not sure if you took a look at Avalara, it really is a magic tool for tax calculation and works on the dropship address. I highly recommend using Avalara if the cost is a fit.

Epicor has two separate tax engines for built in tax setup and avalara.

There is also an education manual on Tax Engine.